Healthcare Providers

Health Care Provider Tools and Resources – Working with Different Cultures

A Cultural Competence Guide for Primary Health Care Professionals in Nova Scotia
This guide includes tools and resources to assist primary health care professionals working within the primary health care system in providing culturally competent health care. Of note—Section ll contains information and tools most relevant to primary health care providers, including self‐assessment questionnaires and useful patient / client encounter questions.

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Caring for Diverse Populations

Better Communication, Better Care: A Toolkit for Physicians and Health Care Professionals
Background information and tools that can be reproduced and used as needed to deliver access to health care to diverse patient populations.

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Communicating with Diverse People
Handout on communicating effectively with clients/patients from diverse backgrounds.  Guidelines may be easier to remember because they have the acronym ETHNIC (Explanation, Treatment, Healers, Negotiate, Intervention, Collaboration). Download PDF >

Ramadan, Fasting and Diabetes
Developed by Racha Zarzour RD, CDE and presented at Champlain SCREEN’s Health Care Provider Cultural Sensitivity Training Workshop, this PowerPoint presentation touches on potential risks associated with prolonged fasting, provides an example of the Ramadan Plate Method and a Ramadan nutrition plan, plus advice for people living with diabetes during Ramadan. Download PDF>


Powerpoint presentations – Enhancing Cultural Competency workshop Feb 2014

Cultural Barriers to Chronic Disease Management

The Role of Culture and Gender in the Provision of Care for Immigrants